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Timex is a 4 or 5 year hound from down south. He is a fun dog who does funny things and her really likes people. He really needs a space to run and a fenced yard would be best with a family that is around a lot. (508) 435-5969

The protest at the Irish Consulate in Boston went well on Thursday. The Vice Consul, Meg Laffan, agreed to meet with one of us, accepting a letter of protest from Louise Coleman director of Greyhound Friends Inc. Also in attendence were Stoddard Melhado (GHF Board President), and Bob Mahoney a long time greyhound adopter and supporter. The letter addressed our opposition to the Irish greyhounds going to Macau. Vice Consul Laffan was receptive and aware of the other protests happening around the world in recent days. She said she would convey our strong feelings to the appropriate officials in the Irish government. We passed out lots of information and thank you to everyone who showed up outside!
Educational Outreach Program
Greyhound Friends participated once again in this year’s "Clear the Shelters" adoption event on July 23. Greyhound Friends placed 9 dogs with new families during the event. Nearly 20,000 pets found their forever homes in 2015, when some 400 animal shelters across the country partnered with NBC Owned Television Stations. 
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"Clear the Shelters" 
adoption event place many dogs but more need homes.
Greyhound Friends would like to thank Mary and Bonnie from the American Lurcher Project for bringing 6 Midwest lurchers to our adoption shelter.
International Update video & slide show:
Other important issues we're working on: 
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American Lurcher Project

Kennel Wish List:
• Blankets & Comforters
• Cleaning Supplies
• Carpet & Carpet Cutters
             (Used for the dogs’ kennels)
• Dog Food (quality dry 
              & canned: Iams,
  Eukanuba, and Pro Plan  
• Laundry Detergent & Bleach
• Liquid Dish Soap & Pine Cleaner
• Office Supplies -copy paper, 
   pens, large & padded envelopes,
                                            tape, etc.
• Olive Oil & Rice
• Paper Towels
• Shampoo (flea & tick for dogs)
• Vet Supplies
• Bandages/Vet Wrap
• Bird Seed/Feed
• Visitors
• $$$$$ We always need financial support.
                   Thank You!
We also have an Amazon wish list linked below:
Greyhound Friends Inc. protests in front of the Irish Consulate in Boston, Sept 15th against the export of dogs to China where they are consumed for food.
Protesting at the Irish Consulate/Boston
This is a documentary written and directed by award-winning photographer John Mottern on the declining greyhound coursing and racing industry in Ireland. The film deals with public perceptions, highlighting the changing attitudes and marketplaces both domestically in Ireland and internationally for greyhounds. (some graphic scenes)
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Tour of Greyhound Friends Adoption Kennel  filmed by Christine Walker
Greyhound Friends needs your help now. Over the years Greyhound Friends has been largely supported by individual gifts from loyal contributors. Some of the gifts are large; the majority are of smaller amounts but are just as important to our goal of saving dogs. From time to time we receive a substantial bequest. When that happens the back bills and expenses are "caught up." However, it is imperative that a continuous, predictable cash flow be established. Although Greyhound Friends receives grants, the amounts are insufficient.

While the support of our major donors is absolutely essential and so gratefully appreciated, we would clearly benefit from a steady income source that mirrors our day to day expenses--which have increased. Currently, the dogs need to be transported to our adoption kennel from out of state, isolated for 48 hours, and examined by a vet before they are available for adoption. 

Our isolation unit houses only six dogs at a time. As a result, incoming greyhounds are often boarded in Connecticut until there is room for them to be isolated. This process is calibrated, efficient, but expensive. The days when trainers brought truckloads of dogs are over. In the old days when an intake of new dogs was imminent, some of our stalwart adopters like Kathy Mahoney and Stoddard Melhado would take the old, the needy, etc. to make room for newer dogs. Currently there is a steady market for greyhounds. "Serial adopters" - people who have sequentially adopted greyhounds - are in the market for a new greyhound when the ones they pass away. The demand for hounds is on the rise as they are gaining in popularity and are more readily seen as pets.

Greyhound Friends has saved thousands of dogs over 33 years. We hope that you will help us continue. If everyone contributes what they can on a regular basis, Greyhound Friends will be able to maintain its role as a major source for greyhound adoption and advocacy. The power of many will guarantee a secure future for greyhounds and hounds.

Would you consider becoming a Greyhound Friends Sustainer by contributing $10 or $20 monthly? Your generous gift will provide the consistent momentum necessary to keep the dogs safe and in line for a good home. To become a Greyhound Friends Sustainer, go to 

Enter your recurring amount, click on monthly from the pull down menu for how often you wish to give, then click on PayPal. Then proudly announce to our Facebook Group that you are now a Greyhound Friends Sustainer.

Stoddard Melhado, Kathy Mahoney, 
Louise Coleman
Radar speed timing was a lot of fun during Open House
Dear Greyhound Friends' Community,
Greyhound Friends Inc. is facing an unexpected challenge at our Hopkinton, Massachusetts Shelter. We are being required by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) to replace 15 year old kennels which house the dogs individually. We will also be installing new fencing and new paint as you can see from the photograph of our Board President, Stoddard Melhado, repainting walls and floors. 

This is a big undertaking but we're getting through it. The job must be executed and completed in a matter of weeks. The costs for these renovations is substantial and we need the support of our community to meet the immediate costs. Would you please consider a donation at this time to help us complete this project so we can get back to the task of placing dogs in need. 

Thank you very much and please give me a call if you have any questions.
Louise Coleman
(508) 435-5969, cell: (617) 817-6706
WBZ TV Boston
These dogs were adopted!
We've reached $3500 so far. Please help us hit              our goal soon!