Greyhound Friends Inc.
  167 Saddle Hill Road 
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Improving the lives of greyhounds, lurchers & mixed hounds one dog at a time

Timex is a 4 or 5 year hound from down south. He is a fun dog who does funny things and her really likes people. He really needs a space to run and a fenced yard would be best with a family that is around a lot. (508) 435-5969

Kennel Wish List:
• Blankets & Comforters
• Cleaning Supplies
• Carpet & Carpet Cutters
             (Used for the dogs’ kennels)
• Dog Food (quality dry 
              & canned: Iams,
  Eukanuba, and Pro Plan 
• Laundry Detergent & Bleach
• Liquid Dish Soap & Pine Cleaner
• Office Supplies -copy paper, 
  large & padded envelopes
• Olive Oil & Rice
• Paper Towels
• Shampoo (flea & tick for dogs)
• Vet Supplies
• Bandages/Vet Wrap
• Bird Seed/Feed
• Visitors
• $$$$$ We always need    
  financial support
Radar speed timing was a lot of fun Open House
To the Greyhound Friends Community

Greyhound Friends Inc. is facing an unexpected challenge at our Hopkinton, MA Shelter. We are being required by the MA Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) to replace 15 year old kennels which house our available dogs individually. We have accomplished this task and are waiting for a green light to start adopting out new dogs soon.

This has a big undertaking but we're getting through it. Our goal move forward as an exemplarary shelter meeting top standards for our dog adoption work 

The costs for these renovations has been substantial and we need the support of our community to meet the immediate costs. 

Would you please consider a donation at this time to help us as we move forward in the task of placing dogs in need. 

We need the shirt 
off your back!
Really great way to support
Please view this video and get a look at Greyhound Friends Inc. We are renovating and working to be the best shelter we can be. We need all your support at this time. 

Renovations look great!
Other products as well