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Timex is a 4 or 5 year hound from down south. He is a fun dog who does funny things and her really likes people. He really needs a space to run and a fenced yard would be best with a family that is around a lot. (508) 435-5969
Meet Frenchie

Transfered to:
BayPath Humane Society of Hopkinton
5 Rafferty Rd, Hopkinton, MA 01748
Phone: (508) 435-6938

Transfered to:
BayPath Humane Society of Hopkinton
5 Rafferty Rd, Hopkinton, MA 01748
Phone: (508) 435-6938

Transfered to:
BayPath Humane Society of Hopkinton
5 Rafferty Rd, Hopkinton, MA 01748
Phone: (508) 435-6938

Greyhound Friends  
5K Race/Walk 
Big Success!
The protest at the Irish Consulate in Boston went well on Thursday. The Vice Consul, Meg Laffan, agreed to meet with one of us, accepting a letter of protest from Louise Coleman director of Greyhound Friends Inc. Also in attendence were Stoddard Melhado (GHF Board President), and Bob Mahoney a long time greyhound adopter and supporter. The letter addressed our opposition to the Irish greyhounds going to Macau. Vice Consul Laffan was receptive and aware of the other protests happening today and in recent days. She said she would convey our strong feelings to the appropriate officials in the Irish government. We passed out lots of information and thank you to everyone who showed up outside!
Photos / John Mottern

This adorable dog's racing name was Jill Frenchfries. Her personality is as precious as her name. She is only 2 years old, and has quite a bit of energy, but after a short walk she settles right down.

She loves standing in the warm sun on her walks with our volunteers and walks very well on a leash. Come today to take her out and get to know her.
Schedule of Speakers
(Speakers will be here throughout the weekend for continued conversations)

Saturday 16th 
10:00 - Welcome from Stoddard Melhado, President, Greyhound Friends
10:30 - Overview of International Greyhound Welfare, including greyhound crosses in the
U.S. - Louise Coleman, Executive Director, Greyhound Friends 
10:45 - Media Information - John Mottern, Photojournalist, Long time greyhound and galgo advocate
11:00 - Medical and Behavioral Questions and Answers from Dr. Rod Poling, Holliston Animal Hospital. Greyhound Friends primary vet for 30+ years.
11:45 - Fredia Guilford, Hound Transport and Hound Advocate
12:15 - Lydia Rodriguez, President, Proyecto Galgo Argentina
1:00 - LUNCH - Provided by Greyhound Friends stalwart, Kathy Mahoney
1:30 Michael McCann, Greyhound Amber Alert
2:00 - Marion Fitzgibbon, President, Limerick Animal Welfare
2:45 - Massimo Greco, Coordinatore Comunicazione esterna, Rapporti ASL, Trasporti Associazione Pet levrieri Onlus, Italy
3:15 - Anna Clements, Albert Sorde, SOSGalgos, Barcelona, Spain
3:45 - Fermin Perez, President, Scooby Refuge, Spain

6:00 - Dinner - all invited. RSVPs useful - 508-435-5969 - Gallery 55, 55 S. Main Street, Natick -  
Premier of John Mottern's documentary on the plight of greyhounds in Ireland. 
Kathy Mahoney, Executive Producer

Sunday: 3:00 - Jimmy Tingle - The Burren, Davis Square, Somerville, Benefit for Greyhound Friends, 3:00.
Educational Outreach Program
Greyhound Friends participated once again in this year’s "Clear the Shelters" adoption event on July 23. Greyhound Friends placed 9 dogs with new families during the event. Nearly 20,000 pets found their forever homes in 2015, when some 400 animal shelters across the country partnered with NBC Owned Television Stations. 
​See media story
Clear the Shelters 
adoption event a success!

Greyhound Friends 2016 Update was extremely successful with guest speakers from Spain, Ireland, Argentina, Italy and the United States. We need the support of our community to cover the costs of this important event.
Greyhound Friends 2016 Update photos
Molly resting in her new bed with a family in Worcester MA. 

Some other dogs adopted during "Clean the Shelters"

Greyhound Friends would like to thank Mary and Bonnie from the American Lurcher Project for bring 6 lurchers to our adoption shelter.