Greyhound Friends Inc.
  167 Saddle Hill Road 
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Improving the lives of greyhounds, lurchers & mixed hounds one dog at a time
Press Release:

Greyhound Friends Inc. 
renovating kennel 
enclosures in 
Hopkinton, MA

January 27, 2017

Greyhound Friends Inc. of Hopkinton, Massachusetts is undergoing complete renovations of their fifteen year old kennel to meet Mass Dept of Agriculture Regulation’s (DAR) guidelines. The Non-Profit has placed thousands of retired greyhounds and mix-breed hounds with families in the State and region for over 30 years. Greyhound Friends began operating their shelter in Hopkinton on May 1, 1987. The present kennel was built in 2003 and was made possible by a large bequest and an even larger mortgage. The kennel units which house each dog individually had needed updating and are being replaced and rebuilt with heavier gage wire and epoxy based paint on floors and walls to conform to the DAR’s requested upgrades.

Greyhound Friends operates on contributions and grants to run the organization. A campaign to recruit a large number of sustaining contributors is underway. During the renovations Greyhound Friends is able to adopt out dogs. and the dogs can be fostered or transferred to other programs. Some dogs have to be boarded - at substantial expense. The dogs have to leave the kennel in order for the renovations to be done. Greyhound Friends is hoping the public will help with adoptions, foster homes and donations.


These donations help the organization make each dog ready for adoption through a process of State required quarantine, spay or neutering, needed medical care, housing, feeding and other costs. Although greyhound racing has ended in Massachusetts the popularity of the breed as a pet has increased demand for these dogs. There are still tracks around the country operating leaving dogs needing homes once they retire. The organization has also been helping mixed-breed hounds, largely from the South and Mid-West of the United States, to find new homes locally. They are also very popular and support the effort of placing rescued dogs in need. Greyhound Friends pays the fees to transport the dogs to Hopkinton.

The renovations are scheduled for completed in early February 2017 with critical on-going fund-raising by the organization to cover the costs of the project. The website provides lots of information about the organization, our dogs, events and opportunity to support the effort through donations.

Greyhound Friends Recognized:

-Courage of Conscience Award, Peace Abbey

-Reverence for Life Award, Massachusetts Antivivisection Society

-Massachusetts State Senate Official Citation - In Recognition
 of Twenty Years of Dedicated Service to Greyhound Protection and

-Massachusetts State House of Representatives Official Citation - In 
 Recognition of Twenty Five Years of Dedicated Service to Greyhound
 Protection and Advocacy.

-The Greyhound Project -
 They Thank you for Making a Difference Award
 Twenty Years of Greyhound Adoption

-The Elisabeth Lewyt Award - 
 North Shore Animal League

-Person of Distinction Award to Louise Coleman
 From the MetroWest Daily News

-The best reward is being gratefully remembered by
 many, many dogs.

Louise Coleman
Director: Greyhound Friends Inc.
(508) 435-5969
cell: 617 817-6706